The date and deposit cannot be made until we receive a letter from the Pastor of your Church saying that it is now okay for you to be married at St. Mary Immaculate Conception in Brenham Texas.
Address: 701 Church Street
Brenham, Texas 77833




If you, your parents or grandparents are members of St. Mary’s, the marriage fee is $450 plus a deposit of $400.

For non-parishioners who are coming here for the beauty of our historical Church, the marriage fee is $2,050 plus a deposit of $400


The separate Church deposit is $200. The deposit holds the church date for you. The rental deposit will be refunded to the Wedding Couple two weeks after the Wedding Ceremony, if all the wedding items have been removed that were brought in, such as: programs, flower petals, pew attachments, etc.

Photographers, Flowers and Rehearsal guidelines.


Photographers may move discreetly to the front of the aisle during the procession.  They must back up to the column area for the Mass.  They are not allowed in the sanctuary.  They may go up to the choir loft if they wish to get some shots from up there. 

Photographs must be finished so that the wedding party can clear the church by 4:00 at the very latest, please.  Confessions start at 3:30 pm. 


All Flowers around the Sanctuary and Altar must be Real Flowers.  Silk Flowers can be used for the Bouquets and Boutonnieres.  Silk Flowers must be used when spread down the main aisle, they cannot be real.   Please call Sharon Johnston to discuss any Flowers wanted for the Main Altar or Blessed Virgin Mary.  She is in charge of our Weekend Flower Calendar.  Call the Office to get her phone number.

Rehearsal and Ceremony:

Rehearsals are Friday evening.  We encourage the wedding party to attend our Daily Mass at 5:30 pm. 

Our Wedding Coordinator runs the Rehearsal and ensures the Sacrament of Marriage follows the Catholic Teachings and the Diocese of Austin instructions.  Your Wedding Coordinator is welcome, but cannot change any aspect of the Marriage Sacrament Ceremony.  Any question, please see our Wedding Coordinator. 

Final Note:

 Once the Wedding is concluded and the pictures are finished, please make arrangements for someone to do a sweep through the church, and make sure everything you brought (flower vases, etc.) are taken out.  Also that tissues, programs, trash, debris, etc. are picked up out of the pews, off the floor, and in the Cry Rooms and in any other Buildings used. 

If our Wedding Coordinators have to pick up any areas of the Church or additional rooms rented, your deposit will be in jeopardy.


Please let us know if you have any further questions.  Thank You for choosing St. Mary’s for this important Sacrament.  May God Bless your New Family~~