After your loved one has passed away, please contact us so that we can pray for the soul of your loved one. If you would like to have the funeral at St Mary's, please contact a funeral home before contacting us.. They will contact us to work on the arrangements.

Many people who attend a Catholic funeral for the first time will often remark how beautiful it is. Steeped in centuries-old custom and ritual as Catholic funeral rites are, that’s understandable.

But the most important aspect about Catholic funerals is that they express the Christian hope in eternal life and the resurrection of the body on the last day. Every component of the Catholic funeral rites should express these fundamental beliefs and hopes. Our funeral rites are not “a celebration of life,” as they are referred to sometimes, but a privileged opportunity to return to God the gift of the deceased, hoping to usher them into paradise with the aid of our prayers. Our love for the departed is expressed after death, above all else, in our prayer for them.

 The tabs on the left side of this page will assist you in planning for a funeral. There is a page to use to send us your choices for the scripture readings and the hymns. 


For more information contact the office at 979-836-4441