You say you “believe” every Sunday as you recite the Creed. But do you know what you’re saying you “believe” in? Do the truths of the faith— listed in the Creed—really permeate your life? Learn how these ancient truths contain the promise of peace, joy and happiness for our lives.

Pillar I: The Creed is a 12-Part program that will launch you on an amazing journey through the Catechism of the Catholic Church. You’ll learn how your personal journey fits into the amazing story of salvation that we pray every Sunday in the Creed.

“The Pillars program is excellent. It really helped deepen my faith. I will never say the Creed again in a mechanical way.” – Pat Barriga


You will…

Learn what God’s “innermost secret” is and how we are called to participate in it

See how our happiness is God’s goal—and the ultimate purpose of our journey

Discover how the Creed tells the entire story of salvation in miniature

Discover the role the angels play in aiding our salvation, and how they are truly present to us

…and much more!

Participant fee $27.95

Beginning Monday, September 14, 2021.

Morning session: 10am - noon

Evening session: 7pm-9pm

In the Parish Activity Center of St. Mary's.

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For more information - Bruce Lamore at [email protected], or call 281-610-3079